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How to Change the Google Street View Image of My Business

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How to Change the Google Street View Image of My Business

So you want to change the 'see outside' image for your business on Google search results. There are two ways you can achieve this.

Option 1 - Hire a Google Street View Pro

  1. Contact an official Google Street View photographer.  They will give you a quote to get your business Street View imagery updated. 
  2. The photographer will arrange your photo shoot which will take about one hour
  3. The new imagery will be published within a week. Your old 'see outside' link will be updated to a 'see inside' link. An advantage is that you can embed the new virtual tour images in your website and Facebook page.
Change Google Street View Image of My Business

Option 2 - Move the Google Map Marker Pin to the Correct Location

  1. Log in to
  2. Manage location > Edit
  3. Click on your address
  4. Drag the pin to reposition the map marker. The 'see outside' image will be updated with the image from the new location.
Change the See Outside image of my Business

Each Google Street view package includes:

  • Professional 360° photography 
  • Virtual tour editing
  • Publication of the virtual tour across Google Search, Maps and My Business listing.
  • Embed code – you will be sent the link to the virtual tour and instructions on how to embed the imagery in your website.
  • Google My Business listing assistance – we help you set up and verify your business listing with Google Search and Maps so users can find you and contact you easily.